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RUSNAM is a Berlin based music producer & singer & songwriter.

She produces music influenced by the music she grew up with

R&B and Hip-Hop, also the Berlin techno that sorrounds her, while never forgetting her cultural heritage - her turkish and arab roots.

Her musical experiences and projects were always rooted in her identity – as a singer & songwriter of "Gülina" band and as a project leader of music empowerment workshops, which support girls and young women* from conflict areas.  

In RUSNAM she ties all her skills and cultural influences together to form something new and exciting.  

A musical experience based on heavy basslines and kicks, reversed and deconstructed middle eastern sounds & hypnotic soundscapes - trippy and deep. 

Inspired by World Music, Soul & HipHop, Experimental Techno.

In 2017 she founded an initiative "Faces of Change & Chance" which supports youngsters. Focused on girls and young women from conflict areas, the music empowerment workshops help them to process the past and the new,

to express emotions as a chance for change.  

RUSNAM produced various tracks for theatres & female* musicians, e.g. „Fadenkreuz“ for Basstett, and

"Voices of resistance" for "Allothroe Europe / Echo of democracy" theatre from Greece. 

Her work is part of various music projects, e.g. the "Babylon Orchestra", the turkish conservatory of music & "Atze music theatre" Berlin. 

RUSNAM is the initiator of the audio-visual performance "ctrl.xx.tension", funded by "Senate for Culture & Europe",that connects classical instruments from the middle east & north africa with electronic sounds. Here she works with different Berlin based female* BPoC musicians & performer Nora Amin from Egypt, reflecting the images of women in pop music from the late 90s / early 2000 and deconstructing their songs, to recreate their music free from stereotypes.

The personal discrimination experiences of all musicians participating play an important part in this project.

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