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RUSNAM is a Berlin based music producer, sound designer, singer & cultural worker with Turkish and Arab roots.


She has been working in the music scene for over 10 years and started her music career as the singer and songwriter of her band Gülina and performed live all over the world.


RUSNAMs focus lies on music - empowerment - workshops that support youth & young women* from conflict areas and the decolonization of music practice from a feminist perspective by producing empowering music that transforms discrimination, trauma and exclusion of FLINTA* BIPoC artists.

An unique musical style reinterpretating traditional & classical instruments from the Middle East & North Africa blended into heavy bass lines, fused with an experimental approach and post-industrial elements. 

Inspired by World Music, Soul & HipHop, Experimental Techno.

In 2017 she founded an initiative Faces of Change & Chance which supports youngsters. Focused on girls and young women from conflict areas, the music empowerment workshops help them to process the past and the new, to express emotions as a chance for change.  

After many national and international concerts including CTM Festival / Vorspiel, Most Wanted Music: Listen to Berlin Awards, Malta festival (Poznan, PL), Alliance Francaise (Accra, Ghana), Fusion Festival, she released her first solo debut 'Weltschmerz' as a music producer RUSNAM 2021.

In the last 4 years RUSNAM produced tracks with the focus on supporting FLINTA* musicians*. She collaborated with renowned artists such as Ebow, Dj Ipek, Maura Souloud, Gafacci, Sinem Altan, and her music is part of various theater, performance & music productions & compilations such as "Babylon Orchester", Turkish Music Conservatory Berlin, "Allothroe" from Greece & "Atze Musiktheater".

Her music is among others part of the 'Listen to Berlin compilation 2021/2022, the compilation 'Otto anni e non sentirli Vol 2" - Label Ephedrina (Italy), on the vinyl 'AION 2 Remixes' for the label Springstoff. 

RUSNAM is the initiator of the audio-visual performance CTRL.XX.TENSION and the interactive musical photo exhibition DE:CODE that makes visible and tangible  the discrimination experiences of women* in the music world with narrative music pieces & life - size portraits.

Her last album 'Famale' was released by the label Shouka (Paris / Tunis). Through several project grants (Impact & Musikfonds) RUSNAM was able to collaborate with many different BIPoC musicians* and perform on stage.

In early 2022, she opened her own music studio DEEP DIVE STUDIOS to support female* musicians in their productions.

Since 2023 RUSNAM is part of the BIPoC collective DECOLONOIZE.

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