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Collaborating artists

Turkey / Germany

Head of the project & musical director of „ctrl.xx.tension“ 

Producer & singer & songwriter Gülin Mansur aka RUSNAM

Singer & songwriter of "Gülina" band - Blues, Funk & Soul with turkish vocals

Initiator of music empowerment workshops "Faces of Change & Chance", which supports youngsters, focused on girls and young women* from conflict areas

Her musical records and projects are always rooted in her identity.

She produces music influenced by the sounds she grew up with – R&B and Hip-Hop, also the Berlin techno that sorrounds her & middle eastern sounds, her cultural heritage – her turkish and arab roots.

A musical experience based on heavy basslines and kicks, reversed and deconstructed middle eastern sounds & hypnotic soundscapes.


Ney_Valentina pink.jpg



Italy - Berlin based since 2013

Instrumentalist of turkish & arabic Ney 

Wind instruments player - Zurna, bagpipe, Duduk, Hulusi, Kawala and more


Curator of „PANDAnissaa“ Festival, the first music festival for arab women in cooperation with P.A.N.D.A. theatre Berlin, funded by the MusicBoard Berlin.


Musician in various music projects: Babylon Orchestra, Samar Ensemble, Syriab, Almará Orchestra delle donne arabe del mediterraneo, and more.

Involved in many theatre projects worldwide e.g. National Theatre Thuringia, Komische Oper Berlin, Staatsorchester Braunschweig...


Valentina studied musicology and recorder and instrumental studies at the University of Music, Drama and Media. She is also involved in research and publishing - she issued the first edition of „Concertos for Recorder“ by the Neapolitan composer Nicola Fiorenza.

Currently she teaches Ney at the „Global Music Academy Berlin“ ( & „Berlin Conservatoire of Turkish Music“ & „Recorder“ at SOS Berlin.



Egypt - Berlin based since 2015

Performer, author, choreographer & theatre director

Founder of the Egyptian nation-wide Project for Theatre of the Oppressed and its Arab network

Founder of Lamusica independent Theatre group where she directed and produced 40 productions of dance, theatre and music

Currently member of the steering committee of the Dance Mediation Centre in Berlin, and board member of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute

Author of “Migrating the Feminine” and “Dance of the Persecuted” (MSB Matthes & Seitz). 

Dance instructor with Berlin Mondiale and Tanzfabrik since 2019, and mentor at Flausen+ Bundesnetzwerk and at LAFT/PAP.

santur Azin.jpg



Iran - Berlin based since 2015

Flute & Santur player

Young talent - awarded first prize at "Iran Youth Festival" as best Santour player

Received the Special Prize from the "Musikalische Akademie Würzburg" (2016)


Member of the wind quintet "Solhmido", "Babylon Orchestra Berlin", ”TEMBER Ensemble”

Worked in various professional orchestras e.g. Ensemble Resonanz, Lower Bavarian Philharmonic, Komische Oper Chamber Orchestra and many more


Born in the 90s in Tehran, Azin started playing the flute at the age of 7, later then the santur. She studied flute at the Folkwang University of Arts and commenced a Master of Performance with Prof. Christina Fassbender at University HfM Würzburg and later at the Berlin University of the Arts.
In 2018-2019 Zahedi was an orchestral Academist at the "Komische Oper Berlin".
She is currently freelancing as a musician & music teacher in Berlin.

santur Azin.jpg
violine Lynda.jpg



Algeria - Berlin based since 2018


Singer & violin player

Co-founder of ReOrient, an initiative countering the oriental narrative of women in politics, society, science and education


Lynda was 6 years old when she started to play the violin with the andalusian technique and position. Her love for music was transmitted to her by her father who is also a hobby musician.

She was part of different music orchestras such as „dar el gharnatia“ „superior orchestra“ and the „Maghrebin orchestra“.

Carmel Zoum

born in Moscow / grew up in France – based in Berlin since 2008

French - Congolese singer & mc, performer and Dj 


The first music to have an impact on Carmel was “Soukous” – a dance music genre that originated from Cuban Rumba music and the Congo – that gained popularity throughout Africa. 

She is mainly known as a dancehall reggae artist, but also works with trap, electronic and bass producers. As a dj, she plays drum and bass and techno.

margo-milan-margarina-2017 (3).jpg

Margo Sanda

Italy - Berlin based 2018 – 2021 


Music producer, songwriter and multi-media artist 

Margo's work has been exhibited at the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast (2016) and at the Stockholm Fringe Festival (2017). She released two EPs: 'Delay'(2017) and 'La Stanza Verde'(2020). Her interest in sound ecology and its relationship to our health is the backbone for the production of her music. She collects field recordings and manipulates them so that they eventually become messengers for her emotions. The result are delicate songs that explore the boundaries between genres, emotionally charged by poetry written in English and Italian. Her latest work is inspired by the energies of the surrounding countryside: the lake, the mountains and the infinite gradient of soothing sounds.

Ann Antidote

(She / They)

Portugal - Berlin based since 2009

Self-educated artist - active in performance, film, installation, shibari and sound, mostly in

collaboration and temporary autonomous zones

Active in the politics of collectives, queer, non-normative and solidary lifeforms


Their musical work dwells in noise, ambient, psychedelics, improvisation,
Echtzeitmusik, performance, multimedia installations, using transducers, circuit-bending and self-developed tools and also conventional instruments (guitar/bass). 

Her work has been presented world wide, in contexts ranging -vehemently without distinction - from house projects, parties, urban landscapes to art biennales, museums and galleries.

Monika (2).jpg


Germany / Angola – Berlin based since 2007

Singer, musician, bodywork, yoga and mantra

Influenced by jazz, brazilian and angolan music

The voice, its vibration and sounds are giving her life since she is a kid.

In the believe that vibration of music is healing, she shares her frequences with the world.

She researches in the power of the voice to heal and transform.

Dikumbi reflects in her music where our bodys belong, how we feel in our bodys and how to celebrate our presence.

With Guitar, voice and percussion she opens worlds to be inbetween. The new and old, here and there, german and african, home and wishing afar. 

Leela Faude

Leipzig - Berlin based since 2019

musician, jazz drummer, political activist in queer spaces

Lela started playing Djembe when she was around 11 years old. Quickly she found herself immersed into the world of percussion and sound. There was nothing she couldn’t make music with. Later she switched to the drumset where she could develop further her interest in rhythm. Since she moved to Berlin 2 years ago, she has been learning Jazz Drums at the Kreuzberg Music School.

She is involved in multiple projects as a drummer or percussionist in the world of jazz, mostly with strong influences from rhythms of Cuban, Brazilian and Senegal. 

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