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"de:code" makes discrimination experiences of women* in the music world visible and tangible with narrative music pieces & life - size portraits.

An interactive musical photo exhibition that is created & developed between January - August 2023 and will be viewed in from the 21st till 24th of September 2023 at Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin.

The story behind

“de:code“ is a continuation of projects to make the experiences of marginalized groups of FLINTA+ visible.

de:code was created because the percentage of FLINTA+ producers and musicians in the alternative music scene is still very low. Especially BIPoC music producers & musicians struggle within a male dominated world of music. Most of them are not only facing just sexism but many other forms of discrimination. It is difficult to leave this spaces, process these experiences and create your own spaces.

The purpose of "de:code" is to share visible & invisible experiences of discrimination of women* in the world of music through an interdisciplinary fusion of music & photography & performance & podcast - with the goal of creating new awareness in society for discrimination and to empower women*.

The main concept of de:code was created by the three artists RUSNAM, Eva Zanettin and Nora Amin.


RUSNAM created the narrative musical pieces and sonic concept by first speaking to the 8 musicians about their experiences of discrimination and then creating music together at her studio in Berlin. After these sessions, RUSNAM reinterpreted their sessions through their stories and experiences.

EVA Zanettin created the portraits of each of these musicians by physically going to the places they felt discriminated against and empowered and turning it into meaningful portraits. 

Nora Amin provided guidance and mentorship to RUSNAM and Eva during this intimate process and developed a performance through the experiences of the musicians. Bringing embodiment to the works of photography and music, Nora Amin employs her choreographic dance language to perform both the trauma and the empowerment / healing, by interweaving the diverse experiences and journeys of the BIPoC female* artists into a dance performance that bridges everything and transforms it into a celebration of identity.”


Live performance on the 24th of September at the exhibition in Studio 1, Bethanien.

The whole exhibition is accompanied with the de:code podcast with host Naari, who portrays each musician.

Collaborating artists:

Cham Saloum            [Oud]

Samira Memarzadeh  [Harp]

Oyèmi Noize             [Voice & Guitar]                     

Kim Diana Vu            [Voice & Guitar]

Dima Dawood           [Kanun]

Zeynep Akdil            [Cello]

Sera Kalo                  [Voice]

Ipek Ipekcioglu         [Voice & Ney]

Upcoming Events


Vernissage with exclusive guests and Dj Ipek


Exhibition 12am- 10pm

@Studio 1, Bethanien


Exhibition 12am- 10pm

@Studio 1, Bethanien


Exhibition 12am- 10pm

7pm Live performances with Zeynep Akdil

Nora Amin

RUSNAM feat. Naari & Kim & Zeynep

@Studio 1, Bethanien

The crew

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